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HMP's IO Learning Welcomes Continued Collaboration During COVID-19 Crisis

HMP's IO Learning Welcomes Continued Collaboration During COVID-19 Crisis

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March 16, 2020 — As a growing number of medical conferences are being affected by COVID-19, HMP’s IO Learning is committed to providing enhanced programming to ensure that clinicians and researchers continue to have access to the best clinical evidence and knowledge they need to further their practice and research, foster collaboration, and improve patient care.

We will provide the timely information you need through our expanded virtual content, which will include research updates, discussions, and reactions.

Education is one of medicine’s most powerful tools. Our mission today is more important now than ever, and we plan to continue to be a leading, trusted resource to deliver relevant content during and after this crisis. The editors at IO Learning assure you that we will continue to offer the prompt review and publication of your work on our digital platform, and hope you will consider us for your submissions on the topic of interventional oncology. If you would like discuss sharing your science and ensure that it is widely disseminated, please contact Ami Peltier, Managing Editor, at It is our goal to help you to manage the educational disruption caused by current necessary measures in place to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

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